Søknadskjema til Italia tur

Svar på spørsmålene og lever de inn til Inga innen 15. januar, 2020 hvis du ønsker å bli med på tur til Capua, Italia. Du kan skrive både på engelsk og norsk.

Application form questions:                                                                    

1. Why would you like to join the project?

2. How can you benefit the team?

– help to develop a project website

– help to create a computer game

– write blog entries about project activities

-contribute with translation to/from English (written and oral)

-present MOT to teacher group on Tuesday, 24th September

– write newspaper articles about project activities (on Frøya.no, Hitra-Frøya)

-participate in creation of digital logo

– more?

3. What do you know about plastic? (Ingredients of plastic- what plastic is made of? How many tons of plastic are we producing? How long does it take for plastic to be recycled (naturally/artificially)? How can we improve the composites of plastic?)

4. Have you participated in any beach/ ocean/ nature cleaning activities before?

5. Would you like to participate in some cleaning activities?

6. What would you like to achieve with this project?

7. Do you have any possibility to host a student from Germany, Italy or Portugal in September 2020?

8. What would be the most exciting/ the most challenging/ the scariest during project activities?

9. Describe your personality.

10. Why should we choose you?

Good luck/ lykke til!